Wine Shop in Rome

More than 100 typologies of wines to refresh your taste during meals

Wine was one of the most praised element in poetry and also nowadays it is impossible to resist its charm, above all in Italy, which is one of the best manufacturer of wines. On Italian tables, wines cannot miss, even if there are lots of different types of wines, according to needs and tastes: the most prestigious and the most economic wines, the fruity wines, the sweet or dry wines and the full-bodied wine. Wherever you go, wine is a symbol of conviviality, happiness and the best partner for great meals.
Tatà restaurant and pizzeria is aware of the importance of wine in Italian tradition and how different wines can be differently combined with different plates. For this reason, we have a special place dedicated to wines, the wine shop in Rome, which is the result of a long research in the wine panorama: this process leads us to propose to customers more than 100 typologies of wine, which are able to combine with different plates and satisfy different tastes. We have more than 400 brans, hailing from the French tradition and also the international culture, but the most important selection of wine concerned the Italian traditions of different regions.
We have an enviable collection of wines, meticulously selected by sommeliers to be perfectly combined with our dishes and with the aim of offering a full and tasty degustation.