Restaurant for parties in Rome

Special location for parties, ceremonies and business lunch

Tatà restaurant and pizzeria with its service of party organization, is able to organize also special parties and events and make it unforgettable. Our restaurant, placed in Eur zone in Rome and easily reachable from wherever you are, organizes receptions for Baptism, Holy Communion, weddings, business lunch and dinner and birthday parties. In effect, we have a big space, 140 square metres of indoor place and also 120 square metres of outdoor place, included the small square and the portico, ready to host a copious number of people who wants to taste our specialities and want to feel at home. We organize parties based on good food, fun and modern space because we want to transform a simple party in an unforgettable moment. You have only to decide what you want for your party and our staff is ready and is able to satisfy all your requests.

Call our number if you want to live unforgettable moments.