Ristorante Pizzeria Tatà in Rome

From 2005 the philosophy of feel good and healthy eat

Misters Sergio Moscato and Girolamo Mennoia founded in 2005 Ristorante Pizzeria Tatà in Rome based on the idea of a great cuisine and a comfortable location in order to offer a place where customers could enjoy their meals and relax. For this reason, they choose the Eur zone in Rome, where there is a real crowd of workers who have the need to have a meal and to relax after the work.

Our restaurant has an only big and covered room of 140 square metres at the ground floor, in order to welcome people also in the freezing days of winter. For the summer, we also have an outdoor place, that is to say a portico and a small square, where to put tables and offer also a great meal under a starry sky. Moreover, the modern furniture and the big size of the location raise the feeling of being at home and all this impression becomes more intense with the perfume of manicaricatti (home-made pasta) from the cuisine and the showcase of desserts, beverages and other food in the dining room. Our staff of 15 people, both chefs and waitress, can guarantee a welcoming service that can satisfy different tastes.

Ristorante Pizzeria Tatà in Rome is the place where you can enjoy tasty and genuine dishes, surrounded by a comfortable design and a feel good atmosphere.